Aruba Wreck Dive Sites

If you are looking for a vacation destination to go wreck diving, look no further than Aruba. The leeward side of this Caribbean Island offers excellent protection for a number of amazing dive sites. And no diver wants to worry about rough seas or poor visibility while diving around a wreck's structure. Aruba has the reputation of having the best wrecks to dive in the entire Caribbean. Quite a few interesting wrecks rest on the sea floor off the shores of Aruba, including airplanes, huge tankers, barges and tugs, and a four-hundred foot German freighter that was scuttled during World War II. Listed below are some of the most popular wreck dive sites off the coast of Aruba. If you have any questions about these sites or any other wrecks in the area, feel free to contact one of our Aruba Scuba Diving experts via phone.