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Discover Scuba Dive

Aruba Discover Scuba Diving is a PADI course that will allow you to experience the magnificent Aruba Reefs without having to complete a full certification course. Getting to explore this beautiful underwater world will take your Aruba Vacation to the next level.

The first time you breathe underwater will leave you with awestruck wonder and after a few minutes you will realize how easy and amazing Scuba Diving really is. The real challenge is always getting our divers out of the water since they are always so exited and ready for more adventure.

You will learn all of the basic diving techniques you need under the supervision of one of our world class diving instructors. Going out on this Aruba Discover Scuba Diving course will give you the feel for the equipment used and how to move around underwater wearing it, learning about clearing your regulator and mask and learning to use your alternate air source. We will help you learn to breathe underwater and teach you the skills and safety rules you will need when you are ready to become a certified scuba diver. The Best part is if you want to become certified with a Aruba Scuba Certification course this will count as your first dive.

Our Discover Scuba Diving course is for anyone with an interest in diving, is at least ten years old and does not have any serious health conditions can participate in this exiting adventure. Yes, Snorkeling is great but nothing beats the tranquil experience of being underwater and seeing the beautiful exotic creatures of Aruba.

tour highlights
  • Go Scuba Diving in Aruba without having to get a certification
  • You can apply this Aruba dive towards your open water certification
  • Bring along your family members that want a taste of Diving in Aruba
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Full Equiptment
Additional Dives
Tour Date
Tour Time
Dive Prices

Full Equiptment - $95.60

Additional Dives - $84

Times Available

8:00 AM

1:00 PM

Tour Duration

Approximately 3 Hours

Days Available
Whats Included
  • Full Instruction by our expert divers
  • A Dive in Aruba reef
  • All equipment is included in price
  • Transportation may be included depending on location