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The Pedernales Wreck - Dive Site Information

Located just south of the Antilla, the Pedernales also has a history that harkens back to World War II. This oil tanker was sunk by a German submarine. The onsite wreckage is actually only the center section of the vessel - the portion damaged by the German torpedo. The United States Navy actually salvaged the bow and the stern and reassembled them into a smaller ship, later using the vessel to storm the beach at Normandy. The remaining submerged section is a great wreck dive for novice divers since it is only submerged in twenty-five feet of water. Much of this ship still remains recognizable, even after fifty years. The cabins with all the furnishings, including wash basins and heads, are still identifiable. The interior piping and pump systems are also exposed. You will spot an assortment of Groupers and a large population of Angelfish at this location.