• The Antilla Wreck Dive site information

The Antilla Wreck - Dive Site Information

The crown jewel of the wreck diving sites of Aruba, the Antilla rests in about sixty feet of water off the northwest tip of the island. This four hundred foot German freighter was scuttled some eighteen hundred feet off the coast by her captain in order to evade capture by Dutch forces during the Second World War.

This is an ideal dive for intermediate divers, although only advanced divers may want to attempt penetration of the shell. This massive vessel, a four thousand-ton Hamburg-American Line steamer, is considered by some as the best wreck dive in the entire Caribbean. What is most remarkable about this wreck is how it has simultaneously maintained its massive form while becoming a thriving habitat for innumerable aquatic species. The starboard hull of this gigantic wreck is so overgrown with coral that it appears to be an entire flourishing reef unto itself. This dive offers the best of both wreck and reef diving, combining one of the largest in tact wrecks you'll ever see with an array of corals and sponges hosting a bustling contingent of marine species.

In this one dive, you'll witness huge Brain Coral, Purple Gorgonian Coral, clusters of Star Coral, white tipped Fire Coral, variegated Sponges, Anemones, Yellowtails, Angelfish, Blue Wrasses, Butterfly Fish, and Yellow Frogfish, among others. Truly, a dive of the Antilla wreck is a once in a lifetime dive. Visibility usually ranges somewhere between thirty and sixty feet.