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Plane Wrecks - Dive Site Information

Just west of Oranjestad rests a couple of intentionally submerged airplane husks, including a DC-3and an S-11. The main portion of the DC-3 rests in about eighty feet of water, while some of its remnants sit on a reef of soft corals and colorful sponges at a depth of forty-five feet. This massive plane was torn apart by Hurricane Lenny in 1999. The S-ll rest nearby and is only missing its nose cone. Each of these sites offers new wreck divers a safe and easily penetrable wreck. Another airplane, a Lockheed Lodestar, is located just north of the Antilla wreck in thirty-five feet of water. This plane, along with a thriving reef of coral with plenty of Angelfish, is ideally suited for beginning scuba divers.