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Mas Bango Reef - Dive Site Information

Situated southeast of the Finger, Mas Bango Reef offers an exhilarating dive for experienced divers as well as newbies. This thriving reef begins very shallow - at a depth of only five feet - but what an amazing cluster of brilliant corals grow at this local which is also ideal for snorkelers. As you descend to a depth of one hundred and thirty feet, you will see a massive gathering of Mas Bango Fish around a cluster of gorgeous patch reefs. The entire sea appears to move with the shifting of these huge schools of feeder fish. Large fish, like Jacks, Barracudas, and Tuna swoop in to feed on these smaller fish. Sea Turtles as well as Sea Horses can be spotted at this dive locale. You will be astounded by the tiny delicate swirling orange fingers of the Star Corals as it contrasts with the bulbous blue formations of Brain Coral on this reef.